描述一件对你有特殊意义的东西,英语作文400字My room is not big, but it's clean and tidy. There is a bed of course. Above the bed, there is a picture of

一件有意义的事,英语作文,要带有翻译(初三水平,60词左右I have a lot of things to do in my free time. Usually I take exercise after school.I like basketball and volleyball

一件有意义的事英语作文写作思路:写小时候淘气闯红灯的事情,经过这件事自己得到的教训。正文:When I was a little child,

你的英国笔友Lucy想为好友Mary挑选一件有意义的生日英语作文:My pen pal Lucy in England told me how she chose a birthday present for her friend Mary.Lucy went to a gift

一件有意义的事英语作文四十个单词带翻译My father is a doctor. He always tries his best to help every patient and make patients comfortable. But sometimes he

写一篇暑假做过的一件有意义的英语作文I went to The Great WALL this summer i went to the Great Wall last summer . Neither my mother nor father wasn't go

求一件有意义的事英文300词,加翻译,谢谢A Meaningful Thing 一件有意义的事 I’ll say bye to my junior school life. During the fouryears many things happened to

英语作文:最有意义的一件事In my life I experienced many things but one thing is my most unforgettable . One day

一件有意义的事(英语作文不少于80词范文参考哦A significant moral choice by myself2007-01-24 02:53The true joy of life,

英语作文记一件有意义的事80字左右,好点儿的。英语作文记一件有意义的事80字左右,好点儿的。 扫码下载作业帮拍照答疑一拍即得 答案解析 查看更多优质解析 举报

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