初一用英语怎么说Grade Seven。初中,是中学阶段的初级阶段,从小学过渡到中学的时期,也就是七年级(九年制义务教育,

初一的英语翻译They are good with the old people.~~~~~~~~祝你进步,如对你有帮助,请及时采纳~~~

初一,翻译成英语speak English fourteen years old do exercise a little on weekends public telephone go to cinema po

初一英语翻译my family.7.彼特今天没有来上学,可能是生病了 peter don't gou to school today ,he may be ill 这个已经很初一了。

初一的英语,翻译哈13. They never cut the noodles because long noodles symbolize long life 14. They bring good luck

初一的英语翻译额2.They plan to give a play for the old.3.Don't get off the bus when it running.4.They are discussing the different

初一的英语翻译回答:1 Kangkang could play pingpong since three years ago. 2 Michael and his friends had a good time yesterday. 3

初一英语(翻译词组)26、许愿 make a promise/make a vow27、和丹尼尔聊天 chat with Daniel28、我的一些朋友 some of

英语翻译初一要看得懂In my oppinion

七年级上册英语翻译题(两种翻译方法) my mum's name name of my mum 谢谢你的铅笔。 thanks for your pensil 我表姐的手表。(两种翻译方法) my cousin's

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