怎样预防火灾英文作文5句话带翻译1 Measure how far away potentially flammable items, such as hand towels, paper towels or curtains, are from the cooktop

在火灾中怎样保护自己英语作文六十词加翻译clothes and so on to form a rope and check the firm down, not blindly jump. Near the window for help. Disconnect the

给火灾朋友一封信英语短文带翻译50词In x x month x dayXXX 火灾的朋友们:大难无情,人间有爱,虽然一场大火无情带走了大家一些珍贵的东西,但不要难过,你们

火灾来临时该如何英语作文带翻译that is huozhai heip

翻译一篇关于火灾急救的的英语作文 80字左右 十分感谢explain the fire big at this time must not open the door. If the temperature is normal, said fire from his is far,

公园发生火灾的英语作文及翻译the fire has become one of the forest fire USACalifornia by far the most serious.The forest fire raging, Yosemite National

麻烦帮忙翻译一篇关于火灾急救的的英语作文 80字左右Trouble help translate an article about the fire emergency English composition of 80 words

英语作文遇到火灾怎样自救(带翻泽)Be Safe 1. Get out fast! When you hear the loud beep of the smoke alarm, get out of the house. Never hide or

初二防火英语作文带翻译Hello everyone. Fire safety is very important to us . If our building is on fire,

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